About us

Liza Antoniou  

Over 20 years ago, I was a fitting consultant in Knightsbridge. Then life took over and I got married, had kids and had several businesses over the years which worked around my family life. After twenty years away from the industry I decided to go back to what I love and went to work in my local department store in the lingerie department. I realised that women were still none the wiser on how to fit their bras. So, one day I said to Lex ‘There should be a book about bra fitting’ to which she replied ‘Do it then!’ And with that we created The Perfect Fit. 

Alexia Varnava 

After studying at the Fashion Retail Academy, I worked at my local department store in several departments, I worked for the company for five years in total of which two and a half years were in lingerie. When Liza joined our team, we instantly hit it off! Having returned to work after her career break, she was taken aback when she realised nothing had really changed when it came to women understanding what the perfect fit should be. Together we decided we would write a book. Once this thought was in our head we were on a mission and nothing would stop us from making it a reality. At the final stages of writing The Perfect Fit I left the department store. Although Liza and I no longer worked together, we completed the book and my career in lingerie continues, as does our friendship.